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AOL City Guide- Stomp #3 Preview

For those old enough to remember the Jazz Fest's humble early-Seventies beginnings, the event seems to have lost sight of its original goals -- paying proper tribute to jazz, R&B and blues legends. The Ponderosa Stomp, now in its third year, redresses those grievances, although it travels farther in its search for underappreciated roots-music genius; it provides an excellent opportunity to witness the non-superstar masses that helped create these sounds. If the names Willie Tee, Eddie Bo, Lazy Lester or James Burton don't ring a bell, they soon will; if you already know, for example, that the Fabulous Wailers are NOT Bob Marley's backup band, you'll enjoy yourself immensely. And you may recognize more of these people than you imagine; for example, Toussaint McCall cast a hush over John Waters' Hairspray with his rendition of 'Nothing Takes the Place of You.' Besides, who can resist the setting of the city's equally famous bowling alley, Rock 'n' Bowl? Or the raunchy allure of the first night's host, Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore? -- Robert Fontenot Jr.
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