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SXSW Review, Twice is Better, Ponderosa Stomp, Austin American -Statesman, 2007

Twice is better
Twice is better, By Parry Gettelman | Saturday, March 17, 2007, 06:07 PM

There’s so much going on at SXSW, it seems a little sinful to see the same act(s) more than once, but there were definitely some repeat offenders at the Saturday afternoon Ponderosa Stomp party at Bourbon Rocks. How do you pass up an opportunity to hear the real deal?

Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural and Willie Tee sounded even funkier on keyboards than at their splendid Friday night showcase — can you name a jam band that can jam as hard as these guys? — and had refined their vocal harmonies on Tee’s twisted R&B hit “Teasin’ You.” Folks who had wandered in off Sixth Street, including a couple of party guys in Polo logo shirts and a clean-cut youth in ranch wear, looked pleasantly jolted when Rockie Charles, resplendent in rhinestone-studded shades, picked up his gleaming red Gretsch and whipped through “Johnny B. Goode” with an energy that would put most punk-rock bands to shame. Charles’ R&B material had the bartenders dancing, and one got so giddy he knocked a cap off a beer bottle with enough force to send it whizzing right past a customer’s head. Outside the open windows, a hipster girl all in black slouched by in time to the beat.
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