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SXSW Review- Austin Finds a 'Lil' Band O' Gold' / TIMES OF ACADIANA

Not even sound difficulties can stop the band from tearing up SXSW venue

By Nick Pittman

Lil' Band O' Gold's performance at the Continental Club in Austin was more than a SXSW slot. It was also a preview of their Ponderosa Stomp gig that will be held in Memphis May 8-9.

AUSTIN -- When Warren Storm sang I Don't Want to Go Back to New Orleans it felt like the crowd at the Continental Club didn't know just how to react. A few couples slow danced, while others seemed to cling together for support, like mourners at a candlelight vigil.

The song -- by Bobby Charles (Walking to New Orleans) and slotted for the Lil' Band O' Gold's upcoming CD but available on the Lafayette Music Space compilation -- was a rare somber moment for both the band and a crowd that had given the swamp pop super group such a warm and rowdy reception. Even when C.C. Adcock dedicated their performance of Shirley to the late John Fred, it stayed true to its rockin' form.

Though somewhat plagued by sound difficulties -- for a bit the sound crew could not get Pat Breaux's sax right as he dazzled them with a solo -- the band tore up the Continental, both in a solo set and as a house band for a rotation of classic Gulf Coast performers.

When the Friday night show kicked off, Lafayette's C.C. Adcock and stand-up bass standout Jason Burns joined forces with Monroe's Kenny Bill Stinson (later subbing for Dave Ranson on bass) and Austin's Charlie Sexton for a set backed by DJ Fontana, the original drummer for Elvis. Fontana learned the drums creating beats for Shreveport's exotic dancers to shake their goods by, later perfecting it and the backbeat with Elvis' Blue Moon Boys. Shuffling between Sexton, Adcock and Stinson on vocals, plus a tear-the-roof-off version of Hound Dog by Storm, they honored the king's contributions to Louisiana music and vice versa.

After Lil' Band's staple brand of swamp pop from the crew that also includes Dickie Landry, David Egan, Richard Comeaux and Steve Riley (putting some two-steppers to work with Cajun Twist), members helped with performances by Eddie Bo, Al Johnson, Tommy McClain, Barbara Lynn, Roy Head, Archie Bell and Hub City blues guitarist Lil' Buck Sinegal. More than a SXSW slot, it was a preview of the Ponderosa Stomp gig taking place in Memphis May 8-9.

The event's organizer took over the microphone several times through the night, reminding and pushing the gig's importance (a benefit plus a fine selection of music not available anywhere else). If the show's reception at the Continental -- a line waiting before the doors opened -- was any indication, he has nothing to worry about.
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