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SXSW Review- Ponderosa Stomp / NEW ORLEANS TIMES PICAYUNE 3/26/06

unday, March 26, 2006

By Keith Spera
Music writer

Ira "Dr. Ike" Padnos and the Mystic Knights of the Mau-Mau launched the Ponderosa Stomp four years ago during the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to celebrate the unsung heroes of swamp pop, New Orleans rhythm and blues and rockabilly.

This year, the Stomp moves to Memphis, Tenn., just after Jazzfest. Padnos and his team staged a preview at the Continental Club, and it was a hoot.

Both Ray Davies and Rolling Stone senior writer David Fricke wedged themselves into the jam-packed venue. With Spanish moss draped over the microphones, the horn-heavy, house-rockin' Lafayette ensemble Lil' Band o' Gold backed a procession of bandleaders.

Lead guitar slinger C.C. Adcock represented for his hometown. "Austin is a guitar town," Adcock said, "but we've got a few of them in Lafayette, too." Case in point: Lil' Buck Sinegal. Armed with a Stratocaster, he carved out one sinewy lead guitar line after another.

Also, Al "Carnival Time" Johnson channeled the spirit of his signature season. The irrepressible, ever-sassy Barbara Lynn, the pride of Beaumont, thumb-picked a left-handed guitar, swinging through her 1960s Gulf Coast soul hits "You'll Lose a Good Thing" and "Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going)." She reveled in the kick of the Lil' Band o' Gold: "I don't know their names, but I love them!

And swamp pop star Tommy McLain, well-stocked with self-esteem, placed his 1966 hit in context: "That year, the Green Bay Packers were the world champions, John Glenn walked on the moon, and Tommy McLain had 'Sweet Dreams!' "
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