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Second Annual Ponderosa Stomp 2003 Preview: Rockabilly Hall of Fame

The Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau are bringing the legends of Rock-a-billy to the "Big Easy" for three big nights of entertainment. Dr. Ike and The Mystic Knights have done the impossible by getting these legends together for another show. There will be over sixty-four Rock-a-billy stars of the fifties and sixties for the second year in a row. This years extravaganza will be at the world famous Rock-n-bowl, located at 4133 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. The dates for the show are April 29, 30, and May 1st 2003. Tickets are on sale now at the Rock-n-bowl and The Louisiana Music Factory. Tickets can be purchased by mail by sending a check or money order payable to MKnmm Charities, Inc., 1521 Camp Place, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Tickets are $30.00 per night or $80.00 for all three nights. There will be a $1.00 surcharge for processing the order. Rooms are available at a discount rate for guest of the Mau Mau at Hotel LeCirque 2, Lee Circle in downtown New Orleans. You should order your tickets now and make your travel plans early. This is a big event and if it's anything like last year, tickets will sell out in a hurry.
Terry Stewart president of The Rock-n-roll Hall of Fame says when he talks about music events, The Ponderosa Stomp is "The Real Deal." Recommendations for this event don't get any better than this. One of the legendary stars of last years show will be back this year, Dale Hawkins who made the famous recording "Susie Q" on Checker Records in 1957. Dale brought the house down last year when he and James Burton closed the show with a sizzlin rendition of "Susie Q." They turned the wick up and put some wild touches on ole "Susie Q." They got the whole crowd rockin. No one wanted Dale to stop. Everyone was yelling one more time, one more time. On the fourth encore Dale said you people are great, I love ya, goodnight. I gotta take "Susie Q" home. If you've never seen Dale Hawkins perform live you better head it on down to New Orleans for a front row seat. Dale is a dynamic performer who will have you rockin from beginning to end.
   Also making a return performance is Kenny Brown, Kenny is probably the best blues slide guitar player in the world. Kenny puts on a show that will keep you rockin. Other headliners are: Jody Williams, Billy Boy Arnold, Sun-Ra-Arkestra, Hubert Sumlin and Jimmy-T99-Nelson. Back this year are Paul Burilson a nd Rocky Burnette. Paul played lead guitar for Johnny Burnette, Rocky's dad. The Rock-n-roll trio included Johnny and Dorsey Burnette and Paul Burlison. The group made history when they recorded. "The Train Kept A Rollin" on Coral Records. Elvis was still at Crown Electric while the Burnette boys and Paul were touring and making head lines. Johnny and Dorsey have passed on, leaving Paul to carry on the legend. Eventually the trio split up. Paul returned to Memphis to work as a union electrician and retired several years ago and has just begun to do shows again with Rocky Burnette. Johnny and Dorsey became individual stars. One of Johnny's big hits was "Your Sixteen, Your Beautiful, and Your Mine." Dorsey had a smash hit with "Big Rock Candy Mountain." Rocky looks like his dad and sounds like his dad. He also puts on a great show. Don't miss these exciting performers.
Scotty Moore is back this year. He needs no introduction everyone knows Scotty was the sound behind "That's all Right Mama," "Heart Break Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel," "All Shook up," "Jailhouse Rock.," and other hits. Don't miss the opportunity to see and hear this legendary performer. Scotty has written a book "That's Alright Elvis." He signed my book last year, bring yours.
  James Burton is another legendary headliner, who started his career with Dale Hawkins, playing lead on "Susie Q." James was a regular member of the Louisiana Hay Ride. James played lead guitar for Bob Luman, Rick Nelson, Elvis, John Denver, Emmy Lou Harris and has played on hundreds of recording sessions. James is probably the greatest Rock-a-billy guitarist of all time.

           Lazy Lester is back this year. Lazy has been playing blues guitar since the forties and is a living legend. An up and coming guitarist appearing for the first time is Deke Dickerson a young man with great talents who is surely headed for stardom, and in time will become a legend. You must see this young man. He is in demand world wide and booked solid. It will be a rare treat to see this great guitarist.

           Another Rock-a-billy star is Billy Lee Riley, Mr. Red Hot himself. Don't miss Billy Lee. He is unequal in showmanship, a true legend who recorded for Sun Records, Jerry Lee Lewis played piano on Billy Lee's recording of "Red Hot." Billy Lee has done it all. He's been a record producer, owned his own record company, toured the entire globe several times and been in the entertainment business since 1955 and is still going strong.

           Tony Joe White will be appearing, Ray Sharpe,"Linda Lou" Guitar Gable "This Should Go On Forever." Rod Bernard, Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins, Eddie Bo, Joe "Guitar Hughes" C.C. Adcock, Clarence "Frogman" Henry "I Ain't Got No Home" "I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do," Phil Phillips "Sea of Love." and other outstanding performers. This is a show of shows you will never see this much entertainment in three days for $80.00 and have the pleasure of being in New Orleans at the same time. During the day there is unlimited things to do in and around the Big Easy. How Dr. Ike got all these stars under one roof is truly a miracle. This is Dr. Ike's big secret and he's not talking. Don't miss this big show. Some of these legends are getting on up in age and may not be performing publicly much longer, however, I have said this before and they still continue to perform year after year, so what do I know. Be that as it may, this is a once in a life time opportunity to see over sixty-four legends of Rock-a-billy, Rock-n-roll, and Blues under one roof. Bring your camera, plenty of film and your autograph book. Dr. Ike deserves recognition for this show. Not even Dick Clark on his best day ever got this many stars together at one time. See you in the "Big Easy" in April.

-- Wildmarc Clark, Rockabilly Saturday Night, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame,
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