Gerri Hall

Gerri Hall is famed as the female member of Huey Smith & the Clowns, the piercing foil to Bobby Marchan on "Don't You Just Know It" and the lead singer on "Popeye." But Gerri also recorded a handful of collector-prized 45s, including a version of "I Cried a Tear" which Jerry Wexler leased for Atlantic Records. A native of the Lower Ninth Ward, she was actually nicknamed
"Gerri" because of her crazy antics similar to the most popular clown of the time, Jerry Lewis.

She is the sister-in-law of Rosemary (Hall) Domino and Reggie Hall. As a longtime habitue and waitress at the Dew Drop Inn, she experienced incredible New Orleans music history firsthand and knew virtually all of the local musicians.

Always known as a wild lady, Gerri is a vivacious septugenarian who is still speaking her mind. She is a New Orleans rock 'n' roll legend.

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