Johnny Knight

(By Bill Dahl)

Johnny Knight Rock & Roll Guitar

-roaring rockabilly single in the autumn of 1958 for J.J. Jones' L.A.-based Morocco label pairing two self-penned blasters, "Rock & Roll Guitar" and "Snake Shake." In May of '59, he rechristened himself Johnny Donn for Crest Records and made another memorable rocker, "What Happened Last Night," that came paired with the R&B-tinged novelty "Smog." Later on the Colpix label, Johnny switched to the grandiose billing of Gamma Goochee Himself. With Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart producing, he released "(You Got) The Gamma Goochee" b/w "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog" in 1965. The Stomp thus gets three rock greats for the price of one!

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