TK Hulin

Bayou State Soul
Realizing by the age of sixteen what some musicians never grasp in an entire lifetime—that coming up with a great band name is half of the battle—T.K. Hulin pulled out all the stops and brilliantly christened his band the Lonely Knights. Already well ahead of the game, all he would've had to do to be considered a bona fide hero by the Mystic Knights Of The Mau-Mau was come up with one great song. Instead he came up with a great song that also ended up being a hit, then followed it with many, many more. The first and biggest was the awesomely laid back "I'm Not A Fool Anymore," a slice of resigned melancholia that placed Hulin well beyond his teenage standing. "(As You Pass My By) Graduation Night" reminded some of his actual age, while a mind-blowing version of Hank Williams' "Kaw-liga" made some wonder what planet he hailed from. Hulin still performs every weekend in Lafayette, at a club located in the back of a strip mall where you can witness some of the most soulful sounds in the Bayou State.

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