2010 Ponderosa Stomp
Clandestine Celluloid Film Series

24th & 25th of September One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, Louisiana

Ponderosa Stomp Film Series 2010, Teen A Go Go

“Teen-A-Go-Go” (dir. Melissa Kirkendall, 2008, 86 min)
Saturday September 25th, 1:30 pm

Subtitled “A Little Film about Rock and Roll History”, an entertaining, exuberantly nostalgic and informative trip to the garages, basements and rec rooms of the fearless teens of the mid-1960’s rock and roll scene in Fort Worth Texas. Interviews with bands and fans, including The Elites, Larry & the Blue Notes, Lenny Kaye, Billy Miller, Ira Robbins, King Coffey, the 5,6,7,8’s, the Cynics, Johnny Reno and many more.

What happened to these bands? Who were the kids that played in these bands? What were the scenes like? Who made it big? Who didn't? Why? What was it like? What's their story? Some of these bands did in fact become big nationally, others only had regional hits wherever they lived, and some never actually made it out of the garage. But what all of them unknowingly did do is help shape rock and roll, as we now know it today.

Focusing on one particularly unique Teen Scene in Fort Worth, Texas, as an example of the phenomena that crossed the Atlantic and took hold across America, the film sheds light on the undeniable, yet unconscious, impact this community of ground breaking teens had on the shape and sound of rock and roll. Their musicianship and innovative contributions were unprecedented and remarkable, and too often, remained perhaps one of the better-kept secrets of American rock and roll. The infamous “one take” recordings made between 1963 through 1968 have become highly collectable and undeniably influential on new generations of budding garage band superstars. The film combines interviews with the musicians themselves, insight from critics and industry experts and rare super 8 and archival TV footage and period photographs.


Director Melissa Kirkendall and producer Mark A. Nobles in attendance, in conversation to follow the screening with Fort Worth music historian William Williams and veteran of the Fort Worth teen scene, Billy Miller of Norton Records

Melissa Kirkendall

Director Melissa Kirkendall (Teen-A-Go-Go) has been a successful business entrepreneur in Texas since 1990, owning and operating several live music venues including the acclaimed early 1990’s punk rock venue, Mad Hatter’s, as well as consulting to other music venues and theaters. In 2008 she was inducted into the Fort Worth Weekly Music Hall of Fame for her 18 years of contributing to and developing the Fort Worth and North Texas Music scenes. It is no surprise that her debut film would be about a subject she is so passionate about and has dedicated her life to. Melissa has plans for other music and pop culture documentaries and will tell you straight out that she will always consider herself a music person who now makes film, she will never be a film person who just likes music!

Mark A. Nobles

Producer Mark A. Nobles (Teen-A-Go-Go) has over thirteen years experience as a scriptwriter of children’s educational, music video and documentary programming. Mark has done production work for NPR as well as writing and co-producing a weekly two-minute module for radio called Texas Music Minutes, which was syndicated on public radio stations throughout Texas. Mark is currently focusing on Teen-A-Go-Go and has other projects in various stages of development.