Hip Drop VII:
Stomp dj Kick-Off

October 1st 2015 d.b.a.

DJ Brice Nice & The Ponderosa Stomp present:

The Official Pre-Ponderosa Stomp DJ All-Nighter of R&B, Soul, Garage, & Deep Funk 45 Madness

Thursday, October 1
d.b.a. - 618 Frenchman Street, NOLA

Hip Drop started as an idea by DJ Soul Sister to feature an all 45s night on the Monday before the Ponderosa Stomp (back when it was in between Jazz Fest weekends…) She brought it to Brice Nice and they decided to invite all the DJs they could think of who were coming to the Stomp to do a half hour of all original 45s over the course of the night. The first official one was in 2007. Usually 10 DJs doing ½ hour each, but for one frantic night in 2008 with 20 DJs on 2 floors! Hip Drop has featured a who’s who of DJs, archivists, and collectors from all corners. A complete history is posted after this year’s lineup.

Hip Drop moved to its natural home at DBA in 2010 when the Ponderosa Stomp fully embraced it’s renegade step-child and brought Hip Drop into the fold as the official pre-Stomp event. It has just gotten crazier since then.

We are super excited for this year’s line-up featuring a slew of folks who’ve never played Hip Drop before and representing four countries and four states!

All 45s to dance all night!

Soul Sister – New Orleans, USA
DJ Soul Sister is known worldwide as the queen of rare groove, and in New Orleans as host of her nearly 2 decade-long “Soul Power” show on WWOZ FM and well-respected “right on party situations” in her hometown. The award-winning dj artist has thrown down her vinyl-only, funk/soul/rare groove/discotheque/jazz fusion/true school hip hop sets everywhere from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Voodoo Music Experience to opening sets for everyone from George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, and Maceo Parker to Questlove, Afrika Bambaataa and more. Recently, she was featured in Nelson George’s VH1 documentary Finding the Funk, as well as the book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, and founded the Hip Drop party in 2006.

  • Mohair Slim
    15 year host of Blue Juice Radio Show, long-time Stomp gadabout and adopted nephew of Betty Harris.  Promoter DJ of Aussie club nights JAMAICA JUMP UP, SHIMMY SHIMMY, SLOW GRIND FEVER, BAMA-LAMA! etc. Currently obsessed with slow grinders, Jamaican R&B and cumbia.
  • Lady Blades
    Glamour girl co-founder of Melbourne Soul/Rock’n’Roll night SHIMMY SHIMMY has a penchant for novelty dances and Mexican rock’n’roll.
  • Dusty Stylus
    Veteran collector of soul and garage 45s can be found nowadays nose-deep in R&B and mod-jazz.  Has a knack for finding ridiculous rare records scouring dime stores in rural Australia.
  • Miss C.C. Brown
    Picked up the vinyl habit while living a seedy year or so in New Orleans a while back. R&B all the way with some zydeco and blues thrown in after a few shots.

Jezebelle – Birmingham, USA
Jennifer Freehling moved to New Orleans when she was 18 and became deeply immersed in the music culture of the city. Katrina took her from New Orleans and put her down in Birmingham, Alabama where she organized the Shout Bamalama! soul dance party - a collective of the best Birmingham soul, rock, and garage aficionados.  An avid collector of records, she has a particular interest in southeastern regional recordings. She also does music journalism, radio DJing, plays in several bands, and most recently got involved with Girls Rock! Birmingham teaching a class on women in music history and doing instrument instruction.

  • Elisse Locomotion
    Lover of the 60's fashion and music, Elisse has been DJing since 2010, co-hosting the biggest 60's dance party in Mexico City, HIPSHAKERS! and her very own project, GIRLS GOT SOUL, a night focused on promoting and recognizing talented female DJs in the 60's scene in Mexico. In her time as a DJ, she has played in a lot of clubs and parties from the 60's mod, garage and skinhead scenes in Mexico. She has shared the decks with local and worldwide DJs and also with some iconic garage bands from the 60's like Los Saicos (Peru) and Los Ovnis (Mexico). Last year she participated in BOGOTA SOUL CLUB and BOGOTA SOUL MAFIA in Colombia, and earlier this year in JAKARTA MODS MAYDAY, WEEKEND DYNAMITE both in Indonesian and GIMME SHELTER in Singapore. She also went to Los Angeles to spin records for the first time in the US. She likes to play 45s of Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Garage and Beat. She loves female singers and girl groups are her favorites.
  • Carlos René
    On his early days as a DJ, he founded Hot-Shot Soundsystem (2002), a top duo devoted to spin the best of Ska & Rocksteady. He's a massive fan of jamaican music and original rhythm and blues, but he can't say no to a murderous garage 45 or a fab latin boogaloo. He hosts, along with Elisse Locomotion, the well-established 60's dance party HIPSHAKERS! in Mexico city, as well a solo side-project Dynamite, devoted to early latin and afro carribean sounds. Carlos has shared the decks with a lot of local DJs and well with international DJs. He has participated in several clubs and festivals around the world, such as MOD CLUB MONTREAL (Canada), BACK BEAT (Canada), BOGOTA SOUL CLUB (Colombia), BOGOTA SOUL MAFIA (Colombia), THROUGH THE FLOOR (England), RHYTHM AND BLUES REVUE (England), ZOO ZOO (England), LAND OF 1000 DANCES (Scotland), DOUBLE SIGHT (Scotland) and BEAT GOES ON (Spain) and recently in JAKARTA MODS MAYDAY (Indonesia).

Prince Pauper – New Orleans USA
Prince Pauper has been DJing for 15 years + in New Orleans and beyond. He is the proprietor of Domino Sound Record Shack on Bayou Road and runs the label of the same name. Prince Paupers is known for his discerning taste in vinyl and cassettes, legendary reggae mix tapes, love of baseball and books, his disdain for cell phones, and for throwing great backyard parties. Brice Nice is stoked he is finally DJing Hip Drop!

El Westside Sound System – San Antonio, USA
A San Antonio native, he grew up listening to local Tex-Mex and Honky Tonk music and never looked back. His love of those sounds led to his befriending of Doug Sahm and then musicians like Randy Garibay, Sauce & The Westside Horns. Most recently he partnered with other local DJs and ignited a renewed interest in the local Westside Sound. You can find him hosting various record nights in SA with help from his amigos; spinning all genres and having a hell of a time doing it! Like Doug, he digs all things Texas.

Russell Quan – San Francisco, USA
Russell Quan is employed by Teenage Dance Craze as designated turntable terrorist on last friday of every month at the Knockout Lounge in San Francisco, where 50s -60s rnb, soul, rock-n-roll, surf, and garage of the noisy beaty variety can be danced to. We don’t demand frenzy but it’s encouraged! He can be found digging through others leftovers at record swaps and garbage piles throughout the world! “I have a lot to be humble about.”

The Stepfather Of Soul & Electro-phonic Brian – Atlanta, USA

  • Jason “Stepfather of Soul” Stone
    Jason is the host of “Get on Down with the Stepfather of Soul!” on RockinRadio.com, and was the author of the Guardian-recognized blog of the same name. Along with Brian Phillips, he guests with Tim Lawrence at Atlanta’s “Rhythm & Booze” soul nights. This is Jason’s first Hip Drop.
  • “Electro-Phonic” Brian Phillips
    Brian Phillips was raised in Spring Valley, NY and has hosted the eclectic “Electro-Phonic Sound of Brian Phillips” show on RockinRadio.com for the past decade. He plays Soul and R&B at “Rhythm ‘n’ Booze” and Beat and Garage with Vikki Vaden at “The Fringe Factory.” This is his first Hip Drop.

Gary “Gazfunk” Small – Belfast, IRE
Based in Belfast, Ireland and DJing for nearly 15 years, Gary has been an avid vinyl collector since his first job at 16 allowed him the money to buy records! His dj sets are primarily based around soul & funk, although he does have a fairly substantial collection of latin, psych, 60s garage, hammond, freakbeat and other “mod related” sounds. He has had guest dj slots in New York, Philadelphia, Stockholm, Madrid, London, Dublin, Manchester & Birmingham. In December 2013 saw he undertook a South East Asia and Australia tour which saw gigs in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Saigon and Melbourne, as well as Skye Village NYE festival in Sydney. In addition to my dj’ing he also runs funk & soul blog www.gazfunk.wordpress.com which has become one of the most popular funk & soul blogs on the web. Each week he selects a 45 from his collection to feature (it’s a 45 only blog!) He is due to launch his own radio show - “Soul Party” on a new online radio station out of Belfast in October after returning from his U.S. tour which will see gigs in San Francisco, New Orleans & New York.

Swamp Boogie – New Orleans, LA
Raised in an area of North Florida better known for Tom Petty, Punk Rock, and a powerful strain of marijuana, Swamp Boogie was more influenced by the visits of local legend Bo Diddley to his middle school auditorium. Scouring garage sales for records from an early age, he eventually landed in New Orleans. In the Crescent City his obsession with 45’s by one hit wonders, obscure soul stirrers, shouters, and blues jumpers has manifested into frequent radio spots on WWOZ.org (90.7fm) and a weekly night co-hosted with like-minded obsessives: The Soul Rotisserie.

Brice Nice – New Orleans, LA
Co-founder of Hip Drop and current head honcho, Brice Nice is a radio and club DJ, music historian, and record producer. His Block Party show beams out every Saturday night from 6-8pm on WWOZ 90.7fm in New Orleans or online at www.wwoz.org. Hee’s written for Offbeat and Wax Poetics and DJs all over. He co-owns Allons Records (with Michael Hurtt) and Sinking City Records (with Scott Borne) which recently released wax by the 79rs Gang in addition to titles by Night Janitor, Stooges Brass Band, and Ricky B.


2013 – d.b.a

  • Miriam Linna & Billy Miller – Brooklyn, NY
  • Miles Tackett – Los Angeles, CA
  • Beyondadoubt – Portland, OR
  • Todd-O-Phonic – Hoboken, NJ
  • Pierre Baroni – Melbourne, AU
  • Kitty B Shake – Paris, FR
  • Alex LaRotta – San Antonio, TX
  • Emma Peel – Melbourne, AU
  • Kris Holmes – Auckland, NZ
  • Matty, Pasta, & Mitch – New Orleans, LA

2011 – d.b.a

  • 10:30 Second Line Social (Breakaway Records - Austin, TX)
  • 11:00 Mark Treehouse (St. Paul, MN)
  • 11:30 Agent 45 (Atlanta, GA)
  • 12:00 The Rum Cove & Brother Breakdown (Charlottesville, VA)
  • 12:30 East Of Edens Soul Express (John Ciba & James Porter - Chicago, IL)
  • 1:00 Ira Kaplan & Georgia Hubley (Yo La Tengo, NYC)
  • 1:30 Kurt Wood (Athens, GA)
  • 2:00 Brett Koshkin (Houston, TX)
  • 2:30 Suzy Q (Fringe Factory - Atlanta, GA)
  • 3:00 Joe Cristando (NYC)

2010 – d.b.a

  • 10:00-10:30 Tarik Thornton
  • 10:30-11:00 Noel Waggener
  • 11:00-11:30 Dr. Ike/Brice Nice
  • 11:30-12:00 Todd-O-Phonic
  • 12:00-12:30 Beyondadoubt
  • 12:30-1:00 Rambo Salinas
  • 1:00-1:30 Ericka Schiche
  • 1:30-2:00 The Hook Up
  • 2:00-2:30 Jim Dandy
  • 2:30-3:00 Seven B

2009 – Dragon’s Den

  • 9:30 Dr. Fulton (NOLA)
  • 10:00 Kristen (NOLA)
  • 10:30 Brian Poust (Atlanta)
  • 11:00 Lynne K (NYC)
  • 11:30 Kurt Wood (Athens)
  • 12:00 Berraco (Birmingham, AL)
  • 12:30 Tony Janda (Santa Fe)
  • 1:00 Shawde Banx (New Orleans/Atlanta)
  • 1:30 Chase (Memphix)
  • 2:00 Todd-O-Phonic Todd (Hoboken)
  • 2:30 Brice Nice (NOLA)

2008 – Dragon’s Den

  • Dr. Ike Padnos (New Orleans)
  • Mr. Fine Wine (New York)
  • DJ Brice Nice (New Orleans)
  • Todd Abramson (Telstar Records)
  • DJ Shakey (New York)
  • Mohair Slim & Jim Dandy (Australia)
  • DJ Soul Sister (New Orleans)
  • Brian Poust (Atlanta)
  • Michael Hurtt (New Orleans)
  • Tony Janda (Chicago)
  • DJ Matty (New Orleans)
  • Ericka Schiche (Austin)
  • DJ Pasta (New Orleans)
  • DJKurtWood (Athens)
  • DJ Kristen (New Orleans)
  • DJ Concerned (New York)
  • Dr. Fulton (New Orleans)
  • DJ Berraco (Alabama)

2007 – Dragon’s Den

  • 9:00 Shawde Banx
  • 9:30 Dr. Ike
  • 10:00 DJ Kurtwood
  • 10:30 DJ Soul Sister
  • 11:00 DJ Shakey
  • 11:30 Tony Janda
  • Midnight Lynne K.
  • 12:30 DJ Pasta
  • 1:00 DJ Berraco
  • 1:30 Brice Nice
  • 2:00 Mike Hurtt
  • 2:30 DJ Matty