The Remains

Barry and the Remains "Ladies and Gentleman We Are The Remains"

Boston's hard-rockin' retaliation to the British Invasion, the Remains enjoyed a fairly remarkable career: you may have lucked into catching them on "The Ed Sullivan Show" or "Hullabaloo," or maybe discovered 'em as opening-slot upsetters on the Beatles' final tour ("The Beatles weren't any bigger," exclaimed The Chicago American). Chances are slim that you witnessed the full-blast live brilliance of Barry Tashian and band at their Rathskeller '65 prime, but it at least makes for a vivid, skull-crushing fantasy, eh? As is poundingly evident on their recordings, Barry Tashian, Vern Miller Jr., Bill Briggs and Chip Damiani could lock together with an intensity that is amazing and unmatched.

The Remains had several regional hit singles on Epic records in the mid '60s. They appeared on both "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "Hullabaloo" and secured an opening spot on the Beatles first US tour. They broke up shortly after recording their first LP for Epic. Reunited in the oughts, they are again playing to packed rooms in the U.S. and Europe.

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