Zigaboo Modeliste

Zigaboo Official Biography:

Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste is a Master Drummer, Rhythm-Innovator, Percussionist, and a New Orleans Legend, the most highly acclaimed drummer ever to hail from the crescent city. Zigaboo's creativity has been a wellspring of Funk Influence for Three decades of drummers and a great many Hip-Hop Samplers. His innovative work as a member of the Internationally Acclaimed R & B Group, "The Meters" as well as his side work with artists like Keith Richards, Robert Palmer, and Dr. John has garnered him an unparalleled level of respect among musicians and fans. Zigaboo's style is unique, he is a master of creating Funk Grooves and new concepts of Funk drumming. He is especially known for his syncopated rhythms and his unique second line Funk styles, which have been sampled, imitated and copied many times over.
Ziggy recorded on all the Original LP's with "The Meters" and has also been sampled many times over from artists such as Musiq, Queen Latifah, Run DMC, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, NWA, Salt N' Pepa'S, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Naughty by Nature which is just to name a few!

Zigaboo has written over 200 songs individually and collectively with "The Meters" that display his songwriting genius and distinctive Funk styles. This collection of songs have been released on over 31 albums nationally and internationally. Zigaboo released his first solo CD in 2000 entitled "Zigaboo.com" which has been reviewed as one of the most outstanding come back records of the year! It is quoted that "Modeliste is the most brilliant American Funk percussionist of the Contemporary Era! The Percussion maestro known as the "Godfather of Groove" Zigaboo Modeliste and the New Aahkesstra takes you to funk depths no one else could possibly reach!

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