Fillmore Slim

Fillmore Slim is the master of ceremonies for Night 2

Known more for his role in the 1999 documentary film American Pimp than for his blues singing and guitar playing, music was Clarence Sims' love when he didn't even know that the Art Of Pimpin' existed. Born and raised in New Orleans, Sims headed out to the Bay Area singing Lloyd Price's "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and began dating Etta James in the early '50s. After a tour of the South with Little Willie John and Joe Tex, he cut his first record "You've Got the Nerve of a Brass Monkey," which led to other recordings under the nome-de-plumes Charles Sims, Ron Silva, Slim & the Twilites, and Tailbone Slim. Though Slim's days as the Undisputed Godfather of West Coast Pimpin' are far behind him and he recently cut an excellent album for Fedora (Other Side Of The Road), there are many who still only know him for his former profession. Of the young crop of worshippers who bow at his throne, he has this to say:
"They ain't got no class, first of all, call theyself pimpin' with they pants hangin' off they ass, pimpin' in joggin' suits, they fuckin' up the game. What they doin' ain't hardly pimpin'. Another thing: they wanna kill their women if she leave them--don't no real pimps do that--they want to kill a brother if the hoe go to him, that ain't in the game. They think the woman supposed to be with them for life, wanna beat her up. They don't understand, if they don't beat her, she might come back to them. These youngsters fuckin up the game."

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