The Bad Roads

Listen the Bad Roads Blue Girl, Too Bad, and Till the End of the Day

One of Louisiana's most killer garage bands, the Bad Roads had the honor of being just about the most snarling unit ever to be released on the swamp pop-heavy Jin label. Jin prexy Floyd Soileau used to refer to them as his "English band" (!) In actuality, they hailed from the Lake Charles' area where they were constantly being hassled for their long hair and "bad" attitudes. For the full story on these legends, grab a hold of Andrew Brown's superb Brown Paper Sack fanzine, but only after you've dug their awesome "Too Bad" backed with "Blue Girl" which makes the scene on countless compilations, but is best heard on an EP released by Sundazed that includes their second single, a cover of the Kinks' "'Til The End Of the Day" recorded at J.D. Miller's!!

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The Bad Roads Website

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