Johnny Gimble

Johnny Gimble is one of the most glorious fiddlers in country music history, employing an unusual 5-string fiddle for his inventive solos and rich tone. As a member of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys, Gimble played hundreds of gigs and became one of the architects of Western Swing. His solo career has endured through the years as well; he has released numerous albums and picked up awards like Instrumentalist of the Year (CMA) and Best Fiddle Player (ACM).

John Paul Gimble was born on May 30, 1926 in Tyler, Texas. He joined Wills in the late 40s, playing fiddle and electric mandolin in the Texas Playboys. He spent the 50s and 60s moving between the Playboys and his own group, which played as house band at Will's club. In the 70s he moved to Nashville and made the transition from touring musician to recording artist, working on many country superstars' sessions and recording his first album, 'Fiddlin' Around". After being recruited by Chet Atkins for his Superpickers session players group, he became the go-to guy for dozens of top-level artists, including Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and dozens of others. The Superpickers album is acknowledged as one of Atkins' best, with a Gimble tune "Fiddlin' Around" as its centerpiece. In this period From 1979-1981 Gimble performed with Willie Nelson on countless dates around the world. He currently lives in Dripping Springs, Texas and performs regularly in Austin; he prefers to stay close to home, making the Ponderosa Stomp appearance extremely exciting

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