Lost Bayou Ramblers

Following WW2, rampant Americanism discouraged all foreign influences across the country, the most obvious being language. This era came close to killing Cajun culture by discouraging children from speaking their native language in schools – generations of handed down music, stories and history was squelched with repercussions that are still being felt. This development could have destroyed the motivation of all the young musicians in Acadiana, but their passion for their music endured. The Lost Bayou Ramblers exemplify the younger movement of the last fifteen years. Growing up in Pilette, Louisiana (between Broussard and Lafayette), Louis (fiddle and vocals) and Andre (accordion) Michot were immersed in roots Cajun music from birth, primarily since their father and uncles were already touring the world playing traditional songs as the band Les Freres Michot. Starting out in 1999 they have added dozens of original songs to compliment their vast Cajun repertoire of hundreds of early accordion dancehall tunes, pre-century fiddle tunes, and Cajun swing. Retaining every ounce of Cajun influence and infusing the traditional music with youthful energy is no easy task, but they've accomplished it in spades.

Whether performing in their native Louisiana or abroad, the Lost Bayou Ramblers passionately embrace their cultural and musical heritage, playing music intimately linked to the agrarian, working class lifestyle. These young torchbearers for the beauty of Cajun music have toured the US and Europe, played dozens of festivals and their most recent album was nominated for a Grammy. Their music is emotionally raw, intense - in a word, authentically Cajun.

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