Harry Anselmi

Harry Anselmi was born in Golden Meadow, Louisiana on March 31, 1931, the only son of John and Nora Anselmi. Ever since he could remember, music, especially country music, has been a great part of his life. He'd listen to radio station KWBU from Corpus Christ, Texas and WJBW from New Orleans, who played his idol and inspiration, the late "Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys," along with Jimmie Davis, Al Dexter and many others. His uncles, Lou and Dave, who both played guitar, influenced him. He gradually began to sit in with them, first playing the steel guitar, which he taught himself how to play, and later both steel and lead guitar. Although he was very shy, he soon began to sing. Music then became his life's focus.

He has been fortunate enough to open twice for Loretta Lynn and once for Conway Twitty. He also backed up for a 6-year old Hank Williams, Jr. and his mother Aubrey Williams, along with Jimmie Davis, Jimmy C. Newman & many others. He has also had the pleasure of playing with some great local musicians such as Abel and Gene Rodrigue, Dudley Bernard, Leroy Martin, Joe Berry and Buddy Miller to name a few. Recording for Jin Records under the name Harry Selma, he released "Changing Your Name" b/w "That's a New Moon" in 1966.

Anselmi is best known for his contributions to the Cajun oeuvre. He played steel and lead guitar with South Louisiana favorite Vin Bruce as well as sharing in the songwriting. He also wrote with Leroy Martin and Ebdon Barrios. His first full length was released in 2000 when Red Hot Louisiana Records paired him with The Bluerunners for a set that is pure Cajun gold. In 2006 he was inducted into the West Bank Musicians Hall of Fame.

Bio from Westbank Musicians Hall of Fame

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