Vin Bruce

Cajun music titan Ervin "Vin" Bruce was born in Cut Off, Louisiana on April 25, 1932. His father, Levy played fiddle at local dances; usually in someone's front room. Vin learned to play guitar at an early age, at 14 he began playing and singing in a local band, performing once a week on the radio in New Orleans. At the age of seventeen Vin was brought to the attention of Don Law, legendary producer/A&R man for Colombia Records. Vin signed a contract with Colombia and became the first Cajun artist on a major label since the 1930's. He was also the first to record Cajun music with such Nashville professionals as Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, Tommy Jackson, Shook Jackson, and Harold and Owen Bradley. In 1951 his frst record was released: "Dans La Louisianne" an original b/w "Fille De La Ville." This record hit the Louisiana Cajun country by storm and Vin became as well known in Louisiana as Hank Williams. "Dans La Louisianne" was followed by "Claire De La Lune," "Jai Laisse Mon Coeur A La Maison," "La Valse De St. Marie," and "Oh Ma Belle" and many straight country songs including: "I'll Stay Single," "Ocean of Golden Dreams," "Sweet Love," and "Too Many Girls."
Although Vin's country songs sold well, his Cajun records brought him the most fame and he continued to record with Columbia until 1956, when the rock and roll era began. By that time, Vin's fame as a Cajun artist spread to Europe and Asia and as John Broven wrote in his "South to Louisiana" book, Vin had become one of the major Cajun artist in Post World War II Louisiana and the world.

Vin continued to play with his band through the 1960's, 70's, and 80's and made many recordings for Louisiana labels such as Jin, Swallow, and La Louisianne. During the early 1980's, Vin and his band, "The Acadians" were invited to tour the U.S., Europe and Canada.
In 1973, he was honored with "Vin Bruce Day" by his hometown and in 1978 he was Lafourche Parish's "Citizen of the Year" and has been inducted into several Country and Cajun Music Halls of Fame.

Vin still resides in Lafourche Parish with his wife Aline, children, and grandchildren.

Bio from Westbank Musicians Hall of Fame

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