Gaunga Dyns

The Gaunga Dyns

First Gig Since 1967!
With four striking stunners to their credit, the Gaunga Dyns have always been considered one of the most unique bands to emerge from New Orleans' fervent sixties garage scene. That's no small feat considering they're in the company of the Better Half Dozen and Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion, two bands lauded as some of the most lethal in the entire genre. Their two 45 singles, recorded at Cosimo Matassa's Camp Street Studio and released on Minit Records' Busy-B subsidiary, are hardly your average folk and fuzz punkers: "Rebecca Rodifer," a vaguely shrouded tale of a teenage girl who dies during an abortion, is as twisted as it is terrifying, while its natural followup, "Clouds Don't Shine," is a study in dark, moody intensity. "Stick With Her" and "No One Cares" substitute fuzz for jangle, blasting forth on all cylinders. An integral part of our Louisiana State Museum exhibit, Unsung Heroes: The Secret History of Louisiana Rock 'n' Roll, we are wired, fired and inspired that the Gaunga Dyns will finally grace the Stomp stage.

By Mike Hurtt

The story of the Gaunga Dyns- as told by Steve Staples

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