The Sloths

TThe Sloths!

Beverly Hills, California's the Sloths recorded one single in 1965, pressed up a few hundred copies and broke up the following year. The fact that the record -- "Makin' Love" b/w "You Mean Everything" -- snarled from start to finish meant that they would never be forgotten. Detroit's Gories were among the first to pay tribute, waxing their version of "Makin' Love" on their seminal album I Know You Fine, but How You Doin' in 1990. Having laid their instruments down in '66 and not picked them up again until last year (it took a private detective to bring them back together), they share that rare trait with fellow teenage cavemen the Alarm Clocks wherein their primitive and potent garage edge has been unspoiled by the -- mostly uninspiring -- music that has come in between!
By Mike Hurtt

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