Manuel "Bones" Aragon of the Royal Jesters

Little Henry & Manuel

The two biggest bands in San Antonio during the mid-'60s heyday of the West Side Sound were Sunny and the Sunliners and the Royal Jesters. And although the Jesters never enjoyed national success, they arguably were the most popular of the two aggregations. Their secret weapon? Amazingly, 1950s-style doowop, which remained popular among Chicanos even during the British Invasion. Formed by Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernandez, the Royal Jesters enjoyed local hits such as 1960's "My Angel of Love" on Harlem Records – a song regarded as the greatest example of Texas doowop. Drummer Manuel "Bones" Aragon, will be representing the Royal Jesters in the Stomp's West Side Chicano Soul Revue, which will feature fellow Chicano legends Rudy T. Gonzales of the Reno Bops and Little Henry Lee, Rudy Palacios, and Chente Montes of the Sunliners.

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