G. Calvin Weston

Who the hell laid down the funky beat for the harmomelodic theory for Ornette Coleman and Prime Time? who nailed the beat on black rock for James Blood Ulmer? G. Calvin Weston was the masked marauder.

Growning up in Philly, G. Calvin Weston beat on every car he could get his hands on .graduating to the drums, Calvin was drawn to the funk. He formed the funk band bad influence that played around Philly.

At the age of 17, Ornette Coleman snatched up for his electric band Prime Time. Calvin the was immersed in the mysteries of the harmomelodic
theory. Graduating with an advance degree, he then joined James Blood Ulmer`s band where he laid down the big beat on black rock, free lancing and are you glad to be in America. He then shifted gears to join John Laurie in the Lounge Lizards. collaborating with artists as diverse as tricky, Derek Bailey, James Carter and Mark Ribot, Calvin currently leads his own band Big Tree.

For the 2nd annual Ponderosa Stomp, Calvin gets together with Jamaaladeen Tacuma to lay the thundrous groove Behind James Blood Ulmer as they explore the tails of captain black and his adventures in black rock.

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