Clarence Frogman Henry

Listen to Frogman Henry on Ain't Got No Home

Frogman It's great to be considered an R&B legend, but Clarence "Frogman" Henry would be the first one to point out having more than one bonified hits in your resume—one that's generated more than a million dollars—makes life a whole lot easier.

The world is largely familiar with Henry via the novelty "Ain't Got No Home" and it's exposure on radio, television and in motion pictures. However, Henry also has a noble New Orleans rhythm and blues pedigree, one that began nearly half-a-century ago. As a youth, Henry loved the piano sounds of Professor Longhair and Fats Domino and in his teens fronted a band that worked at the Joy Lounge. It was at the Joy—in 1956— where Henry stumbled upon "Ain't Got No Home, in the early hours of the morning. He auditioned the song for bandleader Paul Gayten who subsequently placed Henry on Argo Records. The record was an obvious smash and Henry spent nearly a year touring behind the record. Henry hit pay dirt again in the early 1960s with "But I Do" and later with a string of lesser hits. Like most New Orleans R&B artists, Henry was adversely affected by the British music invasion, but survived by performing at several clubs on Bourbon Street, something he did for over two decades.

Today, Henry lives quietly in a comfortable home in Algiers which he shares with numerous frog ornaments he has been given over the years, and several awards he's recently been given. Earlier this year, Clarence "Frogman" Henry was given a well deserved life time achievement award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

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