Jockey Etienne

Clarence "Jockey" Etienne is the master of the rhumba beat. As a member of Guitar Gable`s Musical Kings he played on innumerable sessions for J.D. Miller at his famed Crowley studio and his Latin-infused bayou beat can be heard on Gable`s "Congo Mambo," "Guitar Rhumbo" and "Gumbo Mambo," Slim Harpo`s "King Bee" and "Got Love If You Want It," Classie Ballou`s ""Hey! Pardner!," "Crazy Mambo" and "Confusion," Warren Storm`s "Prisoner's Song" and many of Lazy Lester`s early sides. Jockey had this bad beat down so cold that Sam "The Man" Taylor came down from New York and paid him $500 just to tap it out.

Jockey has since turned to zydeco, backing Fenest Arceneaux as well as forming the Creole Zydeco Farmers, but he still lays it down the only way he knows how: hard, tough and capable of putting even the most jaded listener in a trance.

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