2015 Ponderosa Stomp
Record Show

October 1st - 3rd 2015 AC Hotel by Marriott, New Orleans

The 2015 record show will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 1st - 3rd at the AC Hotel by Marriott at 221 Carondelet St. in New Orleans from 11am to 5pm each day.

The Music History Conference will be held in the same hotel!

The Ponderosa Stomp Record Show is vinyl only and used vinyl primarily. There will be tens of thousands of records from a variety of dealers, across musical genres, and including 45s, LPs, and 78s! This includes a focus on, but is not limited to: Garage, Soul, R&B, Rocksteady, Boogaloo, Funk, Jazz, Rockabilly, 70s punk, etc. on 45, LP, and 78. There is also a focus on the music of the Gulf Coast states, New Orleans in particular, and the artists represented at the Ponderosa Stomp concert and conference.

More info coming soon!