2010 Ponderosa Stomp
Wall of Sound: Art from the Stomp

24th–26th of September PK Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Wall of Sound: Art from the Stomp

PK Gallery, in association with the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation, announces a one-week only exhibition of selected work of two of the Stomp’s featured artists/musicians, Shmuela Padnos and Ian Dunlop. Entitled Wall of Sound: Art from the Stomp, the show will be featured in the gallery’s front room from September 23 – 29, coinciding with the activities of the 9th annual Ponderosa Stomp at various locations in the French Quarter.

The gallery is located at 938 Royal Street in New Orleans. Normal gallery hours are 11am - 6pm daily. Special Stomp weekend extended hours are 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Friday September 24 through Sunday, September 26th. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, September 25th from 5-7PM.

New Orleans musician and artist Shmuela Padnos’ paintings may appear, at times, whimsical or at other times purposeful, but are always achieved with a wide range of free-flowing style and technique. From lyrical abstract of amorphous forms to loose, vibrant portraits, she is clearly an experimenter with a fine technical background. According to the artist, "My work has always been a story of my life where real meets unreal through whatever medium is available. Drawing, sculpture, painting, Mardi Gras Indian Beadwork, and even music. It is my purpose to resonate some light and truth to your heart and soul." Shmuela Padnos is the Art Director of the Ponderosa Stomp and will perform, with Lil’ Buck Sinegal, at the Stomp’s House of Blues concert on Saturday September 25th.

The acclaimed musician Ian Dunlop might be best known for his alternative country music association with Gram Parsons - they played together in both the International Submarine Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers, but now he has also another career, as an alternative artist. Using oil based inks to make mono prints on paper, he makes iconic images of the American music greats – Elvis, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Ray Charles are all there, and many, many others. Says Dunlop, “The impact of living during the golden era of Rock 'n' Roll and, as a young boy, witnessing the emergence of Elvis has never left me. During the mid '60's the core of musicians I worked with turned our backs on much of the contemporary music and began to espouse the indelible qualities of roots music. In 2007 I worked on a series, eventually numbering over 70, that celebrate many of the legendary songs and acts of the 50's and early '60's.” Dunlop will be featured in conversation on Friday, Sept. 24th at the Stomp’s Music Conference at the Cabildo and perform at the Stomp’s House of Blues concert on Saturday, Sept. 25th.

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